Expert Microsoft Technologies Consulting

Expert Microsoft Technologies Consulting

Looking for practical recommendations you can trust to increase your commercial returns from Ecommerce? Well, we developed our Expert membership to give a package of simple microsoft technologies consulting tools that entrepreneur can apply to their own business, or their clients.

IT Strategy & Architecture

An effective IT strategy should enable itself to operate like a business rather than a cost center. The transition from an innovative and technological operation to one that runs is based on a portfolio of services required by the business organization, a clear focus on business-driven IT plans, organizational capabilities, and execution and delivery processes is required-not to mention all the technologies are at work behind the scenes. Our deep technological experience combined with practical business approach and knowledge can help you develop specific services to help your organization achieve its system goals within the specific time through ITSM and ITIL model based solutions, and add more value to the business.

Our capabilities include:

  • IT investments and IT cost effectiveness
  • IT governance, execution models & delivery models
  • IT services management
  • Project portfolio management

Implementation Services

Achieving your vision based on leading technologies requires seasoning experts. Our team includes experienced Microsoft Technology Experts with a track record for successfully delivering creative solutions that work for required services. We deliver projects on time, within the budget and value by applying a consistent and working framework for your systems implementation. Just important for such projects, we bring a “can-do” attitude to the job.

Our team members apply creative and innovative thought processes to our client’s problems. We know that the software developed will help you find a solution which will take your business in new directions. We care about the results you and your business wants to achieve – we’ll be by your side to make sure you achieve them within the given time limit.

Our implementation services:

  • Requirement & scope analysis
  • Solution framework
  • Designing and development
  • Data & systems integration
  • Application administration
  • Project governance
  • Change management
  • Application support

Upgrades And Migration

At Brainsmiths labs we have significant experience in the upgradation and migration of data for your system resources. Our programmer’s work on the automated migration model to free up human resources from irrelevant task. Our data migration model follows step-wise procedure from design, extraction, cleaning, loading till verification of the application from medium to higher complexity.

We understand the challenges of up gradation and data migration. Our experts handle each of your operations with great care in order to support your project. Our data migration services include-

  • Storage Migration
  • Database or schema migration
  • Application Migration
  • Business process migration

The end-result is an upgraded solution that:

  • Lesser your business risk
  • Increases the operational integrity of your landscape
  • Delivers a smooth transition to your support teams
  • Ensures existing access management controls are maintained or improved
  • Successfully migrates your existing data whilst protecting its contents
  • Meets the requirements of both internal and external audit

Expert Services

Our Expert Services group offers both personalized consulting as well as “productized” services. Our expert services are delivered by our R&D team, who are constantly working on the product development procedures and life cycle. These services include the entire project services and are designed to help the end-users. These services are delivered by keeping in mind about the end-user feasibility. We offer the expert services constantly, consistently and within the given time limit at a convenient cost.

Whatever be your project need, we always have an add value for it. From software development to Mobile app development/Web design to SEO, our expert services have successfully set the new trends.

The results of our services are-

  • Less time and more add on value
  • Improved stability, performance and efficiency
  • Proper use and utilization of system resources
  • Explanation of new features within a new release

How Our ManagementConsulting Helpful ?

Our consulting services are to combine deep functional expertise with practical experience. Our client with consulting services drive real impact and results. We offer clients world class consulting services and focus on client’s most critical issues and opportunities.

Our Approach

Our approach to consulting is based on an intensive partnership and cooperation with our clients. Fair and team-oriented interaction at all levels, with a constant eye on results, leads to working solutions which our clients accept.

Some approaches that we follow:

  • Understand
  • Assess
  • Indentify
  • Recommend
  • Execute
  • Evolve