Introducing Virtual Approach To Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the best way to promote your company products and services. Digital marketing is driven by Innovation and technology; our virtual approach will help you generate stagnant growth .We merge your message with our design for creating more valuable customers.


Fix Meeting

Our first step to do a task is to do a requirement analysis with clients. So we fix meetings with our clients and discuss on each point as to gather their needs and to work as per the requirement. At this point we show them some models for an overview and get a brief idea about all the necessary resources. Discussion starts from compatible platform to the tools and techniques. After we get a clear idea we process for the next step.

Discuss Problem

Our second step includes discussion with our development team. We discuss all variables of the project and look for the problems (if any).As soon as we get a detailed documentation of the specifications, we cross verifies it with our clients. This discussion is done after each level of development is over. We involve our clients in the whole process as to deliver the desired product. We set a time limit as according to the project vulnerability.


Brain Storming

The next step is a complex process as we test the development with our brain storming session. Here the development team discusses various scenarios and changes that can be implemented in the project. A report is prepared which include the entire problem and their resolutions .We believes in testing each variable to reduce the risk of any occurrence of error. We communicate the same with our client and ask for their reviews also.


Understand / Access / Identify

As soon as all the problems are identified, we define the task to each team member with a specific time limit. The project co-coordinator coordinates with each team member and keeps the track of the progress of the project. He helps the team members in every aspect and meanwhile communicates with the client to provide him the status report and discuss for changes (if any).



The project coordinator checks the progress status with the actual plan .If everything is going as per the plan then the team works as per its schedule. If there are some changes required, the project coordinator adjusts the team task to get the project on track.



The most important and critical step is execution. As soon as the project is completed, the coordinator executes it in different environment. In this phase we check for ROI (Return on Investment).The success of the project depends on execution only. So our team always takes great care to make a project working.


Evolve and Redefine (if needed)

At this phase, our team looks for project charter and project scope. We evolve the project and a final testing is done to redefine any variable if in case it is required. At this phase we calculate the budget, costing and check that they are in their place. We believe in completing the desired project in the given time.



The last step is delivering the project. As soon as the project is passed, we deliver the project to the client. The project coordinator cross check it with the clients environment. As soon as we receive an approval, we mark the task as completed. We define the project as successful if everything goes right.


Why Choose Us ?

Brainsmiths Consultant is one solution company. We provide complete digital services from the scratch till the end. We work effectively on your requirements and deliver projects at the specific time. We offer the best price in the industry. Our dedication and expertise provide all the digital solutions under one roof.

We work with you to provide a complete package from project development to its marketing bringing the valuable customers for your product. Our integrated strategic approach will give you cost benefit solutions and help in building a positive image for your brand.