Our Deep Industry Expertise Can Help You Embrace The Future Of Work

We bring a comprehension of industry advancement, business issues and appropriate innovations.Our industry centre empowers us to convey creative arrangements to every business.

Public Industry

Draw in with our business and innovation specialists for solutions that address the full extent of public industry issues today..

Private Industry

We are the part of a country's economic system that is run by individuals and companies, rather than the government.

Government Industry

Government officials around the world are exploring new ways of doing things in order to cope with the challenges of globalization,...

What we do in industry

There are numerous different difficulties confront about each industry in today's worldwide commercial center. Brainsmiths Consultants has the profundity and expansiveness of experience and mastery that you have to accomplish your business objectives and succeed in the midst of the competitors.

Public Healthcare

Making a genuinely reasonable establishment for human services will require the business to take out generous costs, grasp better approaches for conveying care and enhance the nature of that care. Brainsmiths Consultants's Healthcare Business Consulting administrations address the business patterns and market compels that are driving business and IT spend—from reconsidering new plans of action to enhancing operations and empowering innovation advancement..

Brainsmiths Consultants’s public healthcare solutions:
  • Deliver personalized information and services at the point of care
  • Create a network foundation that supports the specific needs of healthcare
  • Experts Build and manage business needs
  • Find assets with location-based services
  • Create a network foundation that supports the specific needs of healthcare
  • Facilitate care team interactions

Public Infrastructure

Public Infrastructure is one of the largest determinants of budgetary development. Brainsmiths Consultants Public Infrastructure plans impact the range of our specialists to offer best structures that increase rates of return, while offering feasible open framework administrations.

Our public infrastructure services outsource the IT resources to support operations that include software, hardware and networking components. We outsource these resources as well as take care about the functionalities and maintenance of them.

Our Public Infrastructure Solutions Have Following Features:
  • Computerizing operations to raise effectiveness and work processes
  • Making exchanges to gain from public infrastructure investments.
  • Change over capital expenditure into working use things
  • Adjust the interest of supporters and sellers
  • Distribute project risk
  • Taking complete responsibility for difficulties to permit customers to concentrate on viable results.

Our broad involvement in outlining effective public infrastructure solutions for various companies permits you to take advantage of a profound pool of information and skill and distinguish best practices that may apply in your particular connection.

Banking & Financial Services

Brainsmiths Consultants financial services industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the banking & securities, insurance, and investment management sectors. Brainsmiths Consultants member firms’ breadth of services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client’s unique business needs.

Our financial services achieve sustainable improvement in performance. Our potential is global and includes the full spectrum of banking and insurance sectors.

Grow scopes with our managing an account & money related service programming. Get the adaptability you have to stay aware of changes in client trust and interest – utilizing our programming for the saving money and budgetary administrations industry. Support overall revenues over all channels and meet difficulties, for example, higher capital necessities and stricter regulations, with a scope of applications planned particularly for money related foundation.

Solutions For Financial Marketing Services:
  • Financial markets
  • Insurance
  • Retail banking

Energy-Oil & Gas Services

Our energy and resources experts provide complete, incorporated solutions to all parts of the Oil and Gas, Power, Mining and Water sectors. We suggest clients extremely aspect industry knowledge and a global network, alongside local market delivery.

Our Oil and Gas experts work with customer to maximize the business efficiency in the industry. Our global team experts’ help to client develop strategy and improve the performance. We deliver long lasting improvement.

We Offer Some Energy Services Include The Following:
  • Venture Solutions
  • Advanced Transformation
  • Risk Management
  • Pipeline executions
  • Oil field effectiveness
  • Specialized data management
  • Generation improvement
  • Undertaking Asset Management
  • Wellbeing Safety Environment Solutions
  • Inventory network Management Solutions
  • IT framework improvement

Provide reliable services to gain the sustainable economic growth to raise the way of living. We can help to enhance the aspect of business services.


We are leading service and resource provider for metals and mining solutions for growth of the business and industry. Our professional experts use unique industry-specific solutions. For mining, metals and construction services.

Working with industry leading partners, we apply an integrated approach to coverage operational technology networks.

Our Solutions Follow Some Business Areas:
  • Mining exploration
  • Mining resources
  • Metals distribution
  • Mining operations
  • Mining exploitation
Benefits Of Using Our Different Resources:

Our solutions provide highly secure, safe and efficient operations that connect to the operational networks. Maximize your productivity using our software for the mining industry. We can help to provide best quality in low cost.

  • Increase performance and efficiency
  • Manage and schedule your assets
  • Improve security to increase the privacy in restricted area
  • Ensure safety for environment and employees

Banking & Financial Services

Our financial services achieve performance in our prospective goals. We offer simple and automated banking services. Brainsmiths Consultants is addressing high performance automated trading solutions. We are improving the client experience in retail banking by integrated service delivery.

  • Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Consumer & Commercial Banking Mutual & Pension Funds, Trust & Trust Management
  • Transaction and Operational Services
  • Private Equity
  • Corporate Finance
  • Real Estate Finance
  • How We Help

We help your to transform your products and services. We make you ready for a digital world with solutions:

  • Reduce risk of ownership
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve business processes

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry group attempts to support clients in addressing the challenges that impact today’s industry. Our global network engages with clients to develop innovative solutions to help them achieve their business operations. Brainsmiths Consultants solutions to help biotechnology, medical devices and others to improve focus and enhancing global health in new and innovative ways. Develop, manufacture, and distribute effective new therapies around the world – faster and more efficiently than ever before.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare services
  • Consumer health
  • Biotechnology
  • Generics
  • Medical devices
  • Diagnostics
  • Research and development

Benefits Of Life Sciences:

  • Collaborative research and development
  • Compliant manufacturing
  • Improve efficiency and reduce risk
  • Increase customer certainty
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase productivity
  • Customized special products

Corrosion-Resistant Materials


Telecommunication is an essential tool for industry. It enables companies to communicate effectively with clients and deliver high quality customer service. We work for creating opportunities and transform the business rapidly. Our experts serve best result in all aspect of business.

We deliver the experience modern customers with our software for the telecommunication industry. Our applications make it easy to service partner and generating revenue service faster than the competition and build the customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefits of Telecommunication
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Efficient customer service
  • Marketing strategy
  • Access to a wider market
  • Professional flexibility
  • Increase efficiency
  • Customer relationships
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration
Our Offers:
  • Business simplification across the products
  • Customer experience through digital transformation
  • Digital channels and commerce
  • Mobility solutions
  • Connected device management
  • Hosted collaboration platform
  • Revenue monetization

Energy Services

We serve leading worldwide and national oil organizations, oilfield-services and tool suppliers, and private-value financial specialists over the whole oil and gas worth chain. Our worldwide group of advisors and specialists helps our customers create methodologies to oversee danger, upgrade their associations, and enhance execution. We construct abilities to convey enduring change

We Offer:
  • Capital productivity
  • Strategy
  • Unconventional
  • Upstream operations

Brainsmiths Consultants Oil & Gas practice serves all areas of the industry: We advise government and national oil companies, major and independent commercial oil companies, petrochemical producers, renewable energy companies, oil field service firms, private equity investors and sovereign wealth funds.

Our Solutions:
  • Offering bits of knowledge and proposals in view of profound area and innovation experience
  • Utilizing industry-driving ability to evaluate, outline, plan and convey procedure and innovation upgrades
  • Applying successful undertaking administration practices to guarantee cost and time compelling results

High Tech

The Hi-Tech industry has been thinking about serious rivalry, persistent item advancement and consistence adherence. There is additionally a requirement for quick reactions to worldwide sourcing techniques, while attempting to reduce costs and enhance efficiencies. The business is making a move to coordinate items with strengthen services to make new and long haul income streams. The attention on creating more smart machines that discussion to one another, further affected by the nexus of Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing innovations, is rethinking the way Hi-Tech players are working together.

How We Help

We offers far reaching arrangements with altered engagement models that empower you to address your clients' issues, we have profound industry learning over the whole Hi-Tech section and give benefits and tweaked arrangements over a scope of space and specialized territories which include:

  • Item Lifecycle Management
  • Computerized Marketing
  • Endeavor Services
  • Store network administration
  • Deals and Service Transformation

We are one of the soonest implementers of an effective worldwide conveyance model, offering an extraordinary mix of business driving arrangements, structures and resources.


With Brainsmiths arrangements, insurance agencies can disentangle claims services, streamline approach organization, and accomplish money related greatness. They can drive development through quickening time to market, enhancing straightforwardness and choice making, and diminishing expense and many-sided quality. Arrangements from Brainsmiths Consultants for deals and promoting make the protection deals drive more fruitful by enhancing the general client experience.

Our Solutions Can Help To Client:
  • Market insight and customer intimacy
  • Core insurance operations
  • Finance, investments and compliance
  • Steady client experience over various channels
  • Accelerated reaction to client patterns and purchasing propensities
  • Reduced misfortune modification costs from an incorporated, complete cases process
  • Improved time to showcase for customized protection items
  • Increased capacity to monitor consistence with industry regulations

Our software for the insurance industry enable the customer to drive the sales and service of innovative products and cut costs, while staying compliant to regulators and transparent to stakeholders.

Media and Information System

The media business is a clearing computerized change as advances in innovation and foundation keep on reshaping how, where and when substance and data are overcome. We help our customers profit by this interruption in light of our broad cross-part aptitude inside of the business.

How Can We Help

Our experts have been completed several years on different projects with leading companies. We work in media and entertainment industry including diversified, media, film, broadcast television, video game, internet service and advertising.

  • Help to transform your business
  • Identified new source of growth in digital media
  • Optimize organization
  • Launch different new channels
  • Analysis and optimize data
  • Increase efficiency
  • Technology infrastructure solutions
We Are Expert In Different Areas Of Media And Entertainment Segments Such As:
  • Operations
  • Digital media
  • Corporate strategy
  • Business technology
  • Advertising sales
  • Innovation & new product development


Our metals & mining is the trusted resource of global mining and information we also provide consultant for mining information. In the private sector it is being difficult to find the accurate area where they find valuable stones and materials.

Our comprehensive and interactive database provides global mining infrastructure and database that is easy to access. There are some tools that we are provided which help to find and optimize the area for the miners to explore mining industry.

Why Brainsmiths Consultants

Our solution for mining and metal industry will help you to achieve more sustainable products with more efficiency and innovation. We as surly provide you cost efficiency and productivity enhancement.

  • Mine management
  • Mining performance analytics
  • Mining operations solutions
  • Asset management
  • Engineering solutions
  • Visibility and control over value chain
  • Increased productivity and decrease risk and cost
  • Decision making

We provide those assets, by which you can utilize more things and also enhance product life, improve health safety and safe energy consumption. Our services are innovative and cost saving in all operations.

Retail & Consumer Products

A leading industry in retail & consumer products. We help clients to improve the efficiency and growth to develop new technological and operational opportunities. We help retailers to make easy and simple with their business with the detail information of customers.

Our Solutions

Our retail and ecommerce marketing solutions can help power the following types of offers that generate sales in-store and online, such as:

  • Sales Events
  • Reorder programs
  • Birthday Campaigns
  • Cross-sell and up-sell offers
  • Individualized Shopping Pages
  • Viral marketing campaigns
  • Abandoned Cart offers
  • And more

Engage with your customer to know more about the utility so it will help to make more efficient your product. Build the loyal relation with clients and understand the need.

  • Customer intelligence
  • Customer acquisition
  • Consumer insight
  • Cross-channel marketing

Travel & Transportation

We innovate travel and transportation in digital era of time. Our innovations for management, cloud and mobility can make this industry easy. Our solutions will increase revenue growth of business. We use technology in real-time analytics and enterprise mobility to enhance your operations.

We help to use innovatively and cost effectively solutions to manage your business, revenue and productivity.

Our Solutions:
  • Converging networks for greater mobility
  • Improving operational efficiency and productivity
  • Improving safety and security
  • Enhancing the passenger experience
  • Generating additional revenue and helping to enable new business models
Brainsmiths Consultants Is Sending Very Secure, Adaptable IP Arranges, Switches, And Cameras. These Join The Transportation Business:
  • On transports, prepares, planes and boats
  • In stations, airplane terminals and ports
  • Inside of the framework itself at track side and roadways
  • In business and crisis reaction vehicle armadas
  • In joined autos

Citizen Services

Our Citizen Service arrangements empower governments and open segment establishments, including nearby urban bodies, to give reasonable various e-services to natives through an "at whatever time anyplace" rationality.

Customer Challenges
  • Giving exact and continuous accessibility of data
  • Building the capacity to give all day services
  • Engaging clients to benefit paperless services
  • Giving prevalent client services and quicker determination of issues
What We Provides

Our Citizen Service arrangements help governments around the globe convey more successful and responsive open administrations to their nationals with the accompanying:

  • Promoted client experience
  • Predictable service delivery
  • Solid area skill prompting particular space- particular solutions
Business Value

Banding together with our Citizen Service solutions involve the accompanying advantages:

  • Expanded productivity, straightforwardness and government proficiency
  • Anyplace, at whatever time conveyance of administrations to the subjects
  • Diminished preparing and holding up times
  • Enhanced business scope and expense advancement with our Global Network Delivery Model

Social Development

Social development involves learning the values, knowledge and skills that enable children to relate to others effectively and to contribute in positive ways to family, school and the community. Brainsmiths Consultants influences a differing arrangement of innovations, including open source advances, to make ICT-empowered social development solutions, tending to the twin difficulties of affordability and scalability.

Customer's Difficulties That They Face In Real Time:

The government role in creating economies is maybe more vital and advanced as compared in the created economies. The difficulty is to give low prize but in good quality.

The Significant Difficulties Incorporate The Following:
  • Lessening unemployment
  • Relieving social and money related prohibition
  • Advancing impartial development where each citizen gets the advantages of financial development
  • Ensuring the responsible usage of the government policies
What We Provide:
  • Primary and secondary education
  • Economic incorporation
  • Food protection
  • Open human services
  • Civilian services
Industry Assessment:
  • Scalability
  • Affordability
  • Appropriateness

Defense and Security

Analyzing aspects of defense and security, including acquisition and resources, homeland security, strategy, reconstruction, nuclear issues, and terrorism. Information technologies can help the people to protect from disasters. Our solutions will provide you the better assessments regarding environmental threats and others. Our solution increases the participation for defense and security.

What We Offer:
  • An understanding of the client's present and rising needs
  • An extensive variety of IT advances with a demonstrated versatile and worldwide conveyance model
  • A long-term relation for development, deployment, maintenance and upgrades
  • An extensive and complete solution offering customization and collaboration.
Industry Assessment:
  • One time solution for development and deployment
  • Absolute configuration with servicing of the essential need
  • Distributed deliverance and ownership model with strategic control

Disaster Management

We provide solutions for disaster and crisis management to protect against all hazards. Disaster, whether natural or manmade, can happen anytime and anywhere without warning: an earthquake, a tornado, a hurricane or an act of terrorism. If your business or company were faced with an unexpected disaster then we can help you out from these problems to provide better protective services.

Difficulties And Some Problems That Customer Faces:
  • Materialization of a dynamic security situation with both internal and external threats
  • Improved dependence on the rapidly increasing role of technology
  • Presence of a wide variety of standalone solutions and hardware components
What We Offer:
  • An understanding of the client's present and rising needs
  • An extensive variety of IT advances with a demonstrated versatile and worldwide conveyance model
  • A long-term relation for development, deployment, maintenance and upgrades
  • An extensive and complete solution offering customization and collaboration.
Industry Assessment:
  • One time solution for development and deployment
  • Absolute configuration with servicing of the essential need
  • Distributed deliverance and ownership model with strategic control

Revenue and Taxation

We give best-in-class solutions for income and tax organization. Our altered arrangements assist you with widening the assessment base, avoid charge avoidance, increment operational productivity, minimize tariff mistakes and decrease Turn Around Time (TAT), while permitting the HR group to concentrate on examination, choice making and other quality including exercises.

Customers Face Some Following Difficulties:
  • Charge avoidances
  • Complex duty consistence forms
  • Poor accessibility of services for nationals
  • Manual mistakes in processing expense obligation
What We Provide:

We have a demonstrated reputation of conveying complex IT answers for meet governments' prerequisites. We convey a complete critical thinking way to deal with our engagements, with the accompanying:

  • Consistence service delivery
  • Upgraded client experience
  • Solid area ability
  • Particular space particular arrangements
Our Revenue And Taxation Solutions Give You The Accompanying Business Advantages:
  • More extensive tax network
  • End of manual slips
  • Productive duty organization
  • Computerized business forms
  • Control on duty avoidances

Travel Services

We provide fast tech software in the field of travel and transport. We use technology such as real-time analytics and enterprise mobility to enhance the operations. We offer industry leading platform for transportation management. Our experts in the travel, transport and logistics practice help clients to modernize difficulties into growth opportunity and competitive advantage. Proficiency in areas such as network management and pricing and revenue management increases our strong foundation in strategy, operations, and organizational development.
We also rely on the practical experience of our project to develop new concept. In the meantime, our practice individuals keep on extending our pro abilities and mastery into a worldwide system of scientists supporting our experts. These masters assist us with teaming in their quest for data, producing industry points of view and corporate examinations.

Our Expertise:
  • Air Transportation & Travel
  • Logistics
  • Postal, Express & Parcel Services
  • Rail & Public Transport
  • Shipping & Ports
Transform The Travel Industry By Using Following Assets:
  • Enhancing wellbeing and security
  • Improving the traveler experience
  • Meeting systems for more prominent versatility
  • Enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Creating extra income and serving to empower new plans of action

Cisco Is Sending Very Secure, Adaptable IP Arranges and Ruggedized Switches, Switches, And Reconnaissance Cameras. These Join The Transportation Business:

  • Inside of the foundation itself at track side and roadways
  • On transports, prepares, planes and boats
  • In stations, air terminals and ports
  • In business and crisis reaction vehicle armadas
  • In associated autos


Brainsmiths has a devoted group of worldwide metals and mining specialists crosswise over created and rising economies. Our ventures compass an extensive variety of issues, including turnaround programs, operational change and mergers and acquisitions. Our experience compasses the whole generation cycle, from upstream mining and crude material inputs to essential metal creation, manufacture and dispersion.

We Work With Our Customers On An Extensive Variety Of Business Issues Including:
  • Corporate and business unit growth strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Performance improvement
  • Organization
  • IT and technology innovation
  • Result delivery

The Mining business keeps on working even with fluctuating ware costs, deficiency of talented work, high data costs, the progressing need to give safe working conditions and grave statutory reporting. In parallel, new advancements are accessible to deliver these difficulties and to assist associations with developing and turn out to be more proficient. Then again, IT groups can't constrain innovation selection onto business. Innovation appropriation must be driven by the official group as a future method of operation for the whole association.

We Help You With:
  • Institutionalization
  • Centralization
  • Computerization
  • Representation
  • Assembly
  • Virtualization

What we do in industry

Aspects of industry identify some concepts that are common across the spectrum of business and industry. We produce goods or services within economy. In the modern economies, there are dozens of different industries to increase energy efficiency & improve competitiveness at work.

Aspects of industry

  • Business planning
  • Management
  • Technical and production issues
  • Finance
  • Principles of technology
  • Labor issues
  • Community issues
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Personal work habits