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Jeff Urban

Dynamic CRM Developer
  AUS (+08:00)       English, French, German


Over 13+years of overall experience in entire Software Development Life Cycle as well as Microsoft .Net Framework Technologies. Having sound knowledge of developing web based B2B B2C applications in the client/server environment. Hands-on experiences in developing Web/Windows applications using C,,, SQL Server 2005/2008R2, and .Net Framework 3.5/4.0 with strong knowledge of Object-Oriented concepts. Good knowledge of Web Development skills like HTML, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, and Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010. Hands on knowledge of implementing and maintaining access controls and permission in CRM based on roles and access conditions.


Microsoft Dynamic CRM Developer

Brainsmiths Labs | Feb 2016 - Present
Hands-on, end-to-end SDLC experience and a thorough understanding of CRM concepts, as demonstrated supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and developing custom , data-driven .NET applications. Used Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Outlook to configure the Unified Service Desk entities that are created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM2015 instance and deployed USD . Create Plug-ins , custom pages and workflows for enhancing the system and maintain data integrity. Use Bing Maps API to update address coordinates in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM . Use TFS 2010 for Source Control of Project code.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM Developer

Waverley Software | Mar 2015 - Jan 2016
Responsible for overseeing the company's requirements, development, testing and deployment of Microsoft CRM projects. Customized Sale module and entities of leads, account, contact and opportunities according to the business process. Used MS Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization tools to customize system components such as forms, views, attributes, relationships, and entity mappings. Designed plug-ins to populate contact and account number on create of new record. Customizing and configuring CRM system at a user level.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM Consultant

SimbirSoft | Jan 2012 - Feb 2015
Leading and/or participating in discovery analysis meetings with the client to understand current business processes that need to be incorporated into Dynamics CRM 2011. Designed and integrated ASP.NET front-end using WCF Web Services and LINQ, and implemented client side validations for Web-server controls. Extensively used .NET validation controls for Client side validations. Integrated SQL Server 2008 with CRM using SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Importing/Exporting data from legacy data sources using SSIS. Developed Main view and Single view Dashboards as an extension of Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft CRM Analyst

Intellias | Jan 2010 - Dec 2011
Installed and configured MS Dynamics CRM 2011 system for development and testing, configured server instance, created organizations. Designing Solution, Customization & Configuration, Plug in development, Development of integration web pages in .Net, Operations Support. Developed console applications in C# .net using CRM web services to format phone number and state fields in CRM, auto generate forecast entity records for each salesperson. Developed a web application using C# .net to generate Google markers on Google map for orders entered in Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM using Google APIs.

Dot Net Developer

Itransition | Jan 2006 - Dec 2009
My responsibility as a .NET developer was:

  • To develop, design, test, maintain and support custom mobile and web applications
  • To collect the software requirement by customer and develop the application as per their requirement
  • Evaluate and research the products and technologies related to software
  • To design and develop the activities and procedures related to activities and maintenance
  • To write the high-quality code to meet customer requirement
  • To design, develop and implement thecritical applicationfor.Net environment
  • Alienate the project work as per client’s requirement and budget


WCF 11 years experience

Experience in developing of custom WCF web services, dialog based workflows, plug - ins and integrating custom web pages into CRM.

LINQ 12 years experience

Experience in operations like data migrations and updating using LINQ and XRM that help in facilitating data migration within CRM across various entities.

ASP.NET 13 years experience

Designed and integrated ASP.NET front-end using WCF Web Services and LINQ, and implemented client side validations for Web-server controls. Extensively used .NET validation controls for Client side validations.

Microsoft SQL Server 13 years experience

I am SQL developer who is responsible for designing databases and ensuring their stability, reliability, and performance. I help solve all database usage issues and come up with ideas and advice that can help avoid such problems in the future.

HTML/ CSS 13 years experience

I can help you troubleshoot HTML and CSS problems. I can help with migrating to SASS, or doing responsive design with Bootstrap or any other grid framework. We can troubleshoot media queries or set up web components.


Sam Shelley

Sam Shelley

Oct 1, 2018

Jeff Urban was great to work with. He is knowledgeable and skilled and was able to complete each task given on time. Great communication skills, I will work with him again and highly recommend him.

Cheryl Harth

Cheryl Harth

Dec 6, 2018

It was a pleasure working withJeff Urban he got the job done successfully before the deadline.

Sheri La Macchia

Sheri La Macchia

Dec 2, 2018

Amazing developer. Easily finds all the problems in code in a short amount of time and resolve them.


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